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Client: Welk Resorts 

Types of Work: UI/UX, Digital, Print, Branding

Welk Resorts is a resort company that has several properties across the U.S. While working here I had the pleasure of creating multiple assets including websites, email, marketing material, digital publications and much more. 

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Digital Publication

Welk recently expanded their communication with a Digital Newsletter, a publication that is released monthly. Moving to a digital interactive PDF has allowed Welk to communicate more effectively with its core demographic on a regular basis.

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Email Marketing

During my time at Welk, I have been able to work on a multitude of campaign journeys including Confirmation, Activation, Onboarding, Lead Nurturing, Communication and Rentals marketing emails. 

website mockup copy.jpg

Online Brand Guidelines

I had the opportunity to bring Welk’s branding into the digital space, transforming a PDF into a digital website while adding branding attributes to the existing brand. This allowed Welk to share with partners and helped with the in house team’s brand management. 



Most email campaigns are accompanied with a website ranging in Homes Pages, E-Commerces, Brochure, Landing Pages, and Portals.  


In creating a new logo design I pitched for the company, I combined the "W" and a directional arrow to signify a travelers next journey. The mark was modern and had to be used on multitude medians to be recognizable. 

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